System for measurement of coincidence timing accuracy.

Consists of 8 LED on stands and a hand switch connected to the PC by means of special interface. LEDs are positiond in a line with specified distance (e.g 1.5 m) inbetween.



 A special software controls the consequtive switching of the LEDs from the rearest one approaching the the subject testet at preset velocity.  The subject has to tap the switch exactly at the moment the final LED (of different color) is lit on. Computer registers the time difference between those two moments.  The smaller the time gap the better coincidence time capability.

Number of repetitions as well as the generation time of the stimuli after activatin of the system and after reaction can be specifies in a setup routine.

Results are displayed in means and SD of absolute and relative time difference.


Capability of exact coincidence timing may be of interest in sport games such as soccer, basketball, volleyab, tennis etc.

One may evaluate not only general accuracy of coincidence timing, but also consistency of reactions (by means of variance or SD) as well as tendency to premature or delayed reactions.

Main parameters obtained

Mean and SD of difference in absolute values

Mean and SD of difference in relative values

Application areas

Functional evaluation of players in soccer, voleyball, basketball, tennis etc.